About Florida CURE

Who We Are and What We Do

Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE) is a grassroots organization that was founded in Texas in 1972. It became a national organization in 1985. Florida CURE was founded in 2022 by Executive Director Angela Boucher in Dunnellon, FL.


Executive Director

Angela Boucher is a strong advocate for criminal justice reform with a passion for Second Chances. She has surrounded herself with many national and local organizations to get the help and support for a Second Look Sentencing bill for Florida this upcoming session. She will also fight to amend the juvenile delinquent act to include those that are parole eligible.

Angela would like to see a Second Look bill adopted for everyone-especially all juveniles INCLUDING those juveniles who are parole eligible. The department of corrections and the state of Florida would benefit because it would greatly reduce the numbers of those incarcerated and the cost of warehousing our loved ones. The truth in a sentencing bill-including minimum mandatories and reducing gain time would also make many Florida families and communities whole again and to weigh the burdens of our broken department of corrections system on the budget. The money is in the department of corrections to support the budget and if we reduce the numbers of incarcerated it would allow the reduction in numbers of those incarcerated, including the over 16,000 juveniles sentenced as adults as of 2016 and serving time in adult prisons. Masterful changes that will be introduced in the next session can only open those doors. Not only can we restore some of the budget in the state of Florida, but you would also be restoring 1,000’s of Florida families.